Consulting Algae technologies

In these days we are running an ecological project research study that searches the possibility to use the algae as a nitrate treatment in RO systems to clarified polluted wells.
  • Our lab at Shfeyah with 4 Spirulina line nature collections, developing line for the Israeli winter.
  • Two Dunaliella line with high salinity resistance
  • one Chlorella line for fresh water treatments
  • One Microcoleus sp. nature desert collected
  • Developing lab for macro/micro algae
  • lighting know-how for algae growth,
  • Developing filtration, grazing equipment and methods
  • CO2 assimilation,
  • Phycocyanin extraction,
  • Know-how for developing chickens & fish feeds with Spirulina

Our Mission


To apply Spirulina cultured technology, to produce high-quality food grade products with competitive price, A global partnership with our aquaculture associates. To train human resources for successful implementation of sustainability, environmentally friendly attitude for Spirulina culture.


To provide simple, comprehensive know-how integrated algae system.
A feasibility study with optimization and break-even point. Quick return on investment.
Fast modular growth, enhance the process.
Reduce rejection & spoilage. • Energy efficient & environment-friendly.


  1. Developing farm from A TO Z in open and greenhouse pond technology.
  2. Globally support for Spirulina culture by our experts.
  3. Equipment for filtering up 40 cu/h for existing projects.
  4. Unique sun dryers up 200 kg/h with gas back-up.
  5. Our lab support with our variable 4 natural Spirulina collection, test for water quality and growth rates.