Algae - Production

Algae-Smart is private company from Israel that founded by Yankale Peretz an aquaculture expert.

The company was involved with developing the largest farm in Israel for spirulina algae production. With sustainable methods challenging with old traditional agriculture trends. At the last three years, we take our expertise to the new field. Industrial algae growing, our causes for meeting this field was:

  1. Looking for new protein resources, a global problem at the nearest future and tends to meet with it by producing a high value “new algae protein products”.
  2. To resolving malnutrition for poor countries.
  3. We have adopted the Spirulina as a future’s superfood.
  4. To solve an environmental problem (like CO2 production). We know the next generation will base on CO2 capture ability.

Algae Smart LTD involve on new research founded by the Israeli Fish Breeders Organisation “utilize rejects water from RO wells systems”.