Spirulina products & service


Spirulina Cake after filtering and dewatering preparing for frozen shake drinks.
Fish feeds for breeding parents fish, with spacial spirulina coatings to recover the immune system.


Algae Smart lab for supporting the industry with spirulina self-nature collections, keep Dunaliella for high salinities waters.
Algae-Smart.com developing efficience procedure for extracting phycocianin & other drivats from Spirulina.

Algae-Smart is private company from Israel that founded by Yankale Peretz an aquaculture expert.

Inside Algae Smart LAB, the self unique natural spirulina collection, biologic diversity, low temperatures resistance, high salinity resistance! Our Dunaliella Salina for salty waters.

Our blue print 3D for gravitation filtering units.

Algae-Smart have their own in-house engineering supports for developing GMP filtering and other equipment for the projects